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  • Edison Podcast Metrics UK

    Edison Podcast Metrics UK

    This week I’ve been at the London Podcast Show 2023, and I’ll write more about that in another entry. But one of the big announcements that came out of the event was that Edison Research is launching their Edison Podcast Metrics in the UK. In the US, Edison Research has been producing what have effectively…

  • Ofcom UK Podcast Survey 2023

    Ofcom UK Podcast Survey 2023

    Ofcom has just published its latest Audio and Podcasts survey data for 2023. They tend to just publish the raw data tables, so I like to dig into the data and get into what the data actually means. I’ve done this for the last couple of years, and you can expect many charts and graphs.…

  • RAJAR Q3 2022

    RAJAR Q3 2022

    This post is brought to you in association with RALF from DP Software and Services. I’ve used RALF for the many years, and it’s my favourite RAJAR analysis tool. So I am delighted that I continue to be able to bring you this RAJAR analysis in association with RALF. For more details on the product, contact Deryck Pritchard via…

  • Read Those Podcasting Contracts Carefully

    Read Those Podcasting Contracts Carefully

    Today’s edition of Podnews, splashes with a report about a podcast called Sex, Lies and DM Slides being relaunched by Spotify without the original hosts. One of those original hosts who created the show is upset and has complained on Instagram about the move. I have no knowledge of this particular case nor the agreement…

  • 5,331,034 Podcasts

    5,331,034 Podcasts

    Based in part on a short thread I posted on Twitter the other day. Spotify sent out a notification the other day that proudly proclaimed. “How many podcasts?!“5331034. Dig deep and discover yours.” Spotify has over 5 million podcasts then. But is that a good thing? How many of those titles are good? Can I…

  • Podcasts in Twitter

    Podcasts in Twitter

    Note: This is a slightly expanded version of a Twitter thread that I published earlier today. Last week came news that Twitter was including podcasts in its app, and today I noticed that my beta version of the Twitter Android app now included podcasts, so here are a few initial thoughts based on playing with…

  • L’Étape du Tour 2022

    L’Étape du Tour 2022

    There is an accompanying podcast to this blog! Listen at the bottom of the piece or follow this link. I’ve done a few sportives over the years, but the one I’d always wanted to have a go at was L’Étape du Tour, the sportive from ASO, the organisers of the Tour de France who each…

  • Podcast Listens or Listeners? What’s the Difference and Why It Matters

    Podcast Listens or Listeners? What’s the Difference and Why It Matters

    This weekend there was a nice interview in The Observer Magazine with Chris and Rosie Ramsey, who make one of the UK’s most popular podcasts Sh**ged, Married, Annoyed. It’s undoubtedly very popular, and the interview notes how they rapidly sold out venues like Wembley Arena and the O2. The couple have a new BBC TV…

  • Ofcom UK Podcast Survey 2022

    Ofcom UK Podcast Survey 2022

    A year ago, Ofcom published some podcast data and since I didn’t see any other analysis of it, I published my take on their data on this site. Roll forward a year, and Ofcom has again published new podcast consumption data in data tables format on their site. I’m unsure if Ofcom will publish a…

  • The Infinite Dial 2021 UK

    The Infinite Dial 2021 UK

    41% of the UK population listens to podcasts each month. That’s probably the headline finding from some new research that will be of interest to everyone interested in the UK audio space. Edison Research, the company that has probably lead the field in US audio and podcast research in recent years, has published its first…

  • Top 10 Podcast Trends – Radiodays Europe 2021

    Top 10 Podcast Trends – Radiodays Europe 2021

    I was fortunate enough to present at Radiodays Europe 2021, and for those interested, here’s a copy of my slide deck. I hope it’s useful, and you can download it via LinkedIn.

  • Top 10 Podcast Trends in 10 Minutes

    Top 10 Podcast Trends in 10 Minutes

    I spoke today at Podcast Day 24, a big online podcast event that spread across Australasia, Europe and North America, and as the name suggests, ran for 24 hours! My piece was on Podcast Trends, and is a bit of an update of something that I delivered back in 2019 when the last physical event…

  • Ofcom UK Podcast Survey 2021

    Ofcom UK Podcast Survey 2021

    Thanks to someone on the UK Audionetwork email group for alerting me to this data that Ofcom has recently published in tabular form on its website. Ofcom has just published the data tables for a piece of consumer research on consumer attitudes and awareness of podcasting. I suspect that Ofcom will be publishing their own…